Archive | March 2012

Why Blog?

At first I asked, “What is blogging?” I then asked “Why is it called a blog?”
With so many people writing books, journals and articles and so many ways to communicate throughout the airwaves, I wondered, why I am being inspired…even compelled to write? Why am I feeling called to add to the cacophony of messages being shared. It’s all being said. Why add to it? And then, as I peacefully slept, I was awakened with an answer! 🙂

Now that we have many ways to share all that is within, more voices are able to express. In order to tune in and play together, it is helpful to practice so that the cacophony can become a symphony with ever growing distinctions.

Expression is our way of transforming the unseen into the seen and thereby participating in the evolutionary expansion of our Universe. Our Mother Earth really wants us to help her expand to lift the sheaths and when we speak…in any way that we are inspired to do so…what the Greeks called “The Harmony of the Spheres” creates a symphonic resonance expanding the one song…the Uni-Verse!

So, I’ve decided to join in, add my 2 cents worth and practice my role in this Divine Play!