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About Us All!

Many of us write on a regular basis and do not consider ourselves to be authors. Many of us paint, draw and create in a variety of ways and do not consider ourselves to be artists. Cooks, bookkeepers, carpenters and data entry operators; mechanics, electricians, janitors and teachers. I can hardly scratch the surface naming ways people create daily. Much of our time is spent working and many go out each and every day with the idea, attitude and energy of attending to a need rather than the opportunity to create life! Many walk (or run to keep up) and are in anticipation of when they will have time to live their dreams. What if, we began to realize that each day we are creating in that dream, authorizing ourselves to be artistic and creative in all that we do, say and feel?

Many people don’t think of themselves as creators and often this title, along with titles such as author and artist, are identified only with those who do this for a living as a professional. While this is partially true, the other part of the truth is that each and every human is an author, artist and creator. We each live our days one-by-one and as we do so, we write our story. We paint, sculpt and dance in a You-nique way; creating this world, our world.

Each of us contributes to how this world actuates itself, how it evolves through expansion and compression and in the larger scheme of things, the cosmology of its life amongst its peers: other planets, the sun and the moon within this galaxy.

My chosen path is to joyfully create health and wellness, to discover our part in this grand plan and to enjoy this gift of life on earth. I see the artists and authors in each of us, and I love to shine the light upon them as they grace my life. Turning our lights on brighter brings clarity to see the beauty, love and life that abounds in all things – animate and inanimate.

Igniting the light within connects us with the nature of our feelings. As sentient beings, our feelings send a vibrational flow outward connecting with those similar. Vibration is all that ever exists, and it expresses in a variety of ways. When we see life through this lens, many begin to real-eyes that life truly is a “box of chocolates” awaiting discovery!

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