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Composing Themselves

These ideas remind me of All About Us . I hope you enjoy. Bruce is another creator and sustainer of the Sudbury Educational Philosophy which we lived at The Sacramento Valley School for 18 years.

Write Learning

This morning I read a great article by the father of a four-year-old who hit upon a way of adapting his love of role-playing games such that he and his daughter could enjoy them together. As he says, this girl is already quite adept at creating and shaping elaborate, fantastic narratives; the only thing he had to do was simplify the mechanics, in particular the means of calculating and noting the logistics of the game.

As a long-time Sudbury educator, this doesn’t surprise me in the least. Over the past sixteen years, it’s been my great privilege to be, as I sometimes describe it, an anthropologist of childhood—studying this exotic culture in its natural habitat, which is to say, unfettered by the limiting, if well-meaning, assumptions that lead most adults to narrowly restrict children’s growth “for their own good.”

And what I have seen in hundreds of young people over…

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