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The Venus Transit

The Venus Transit Completion of 2012

On June 5, 2012 the primary elections in California were to occur with people casting their votes moving toward the November election for the President of the United States. On that same day, the Venus Transit completed her eight year cycle around the sun after having cycled the locations needed to form the 5-pointed star on both sides of the sun.

Together, this 5-pointed star creates 10, creating the One. (10×1=1; 1+1=1) Within each 8 year cycle, the sign of Infinity was formed. Venus represents the complete expression of the One which Infinitely creates! (1×1=1×1=1×1=1, ad infinitum.) Even the 10 points plus the 8 creates 9, another sign of completion according to numerology. The pairing of this transit began in 2004 and is now complete.  Venus transits occur between 105.5 to 121.5 years apart.

What does this have to do with us? It has been documented that after each Venus Transit there is an expansion in communications. The year 2012 was a 5 year, linked with the fifth chakra, the voice. The voice is one way manifestation of beliefs, emotions and thoughts begin. On the Evolutionary Scale, it is the Stage of Transformation.

According to Susan Custer, historically, “One pair of transits occurred in 1519 and 1526. At that time Magellan started his sail that proved the world was not flat. This was one of the first steps into a new worldview – we live on a globe, not a flat world that drops off into heaven, or hell, depending on your beliefs or fears.

The next transits were December 1631 and December 1639. During this time national mail service was started in Denmark and Sweden. This enabled communication over long distances. [This transit was in Sagittarius, which rules long distances.]  At the time of the 1639 transit, the first printing press was set up in America in Cambridge, MA. With faster communication the global village had started.

The transits of June 1761 and June 1769 caused another first.  There was an effort by astronomers around the world to observe and share information. This kind of cooperation had never been done by any group, scientific or not, on a global scale before. Venus is all about relationships, and Gemini is information. She was the cause of the change in the way we communicate with each other throughout the world. She started the “world brain”, as it has been called. And it seems very appropriate that Uranus the planet of the higher mind was discovered in 1781, just 20 years after the start of the Transit of Venus.

With the next group starting in 1874, we had the telephone and its patent two years later The explosion of information really started – newspapers, telephone, telegraph, eventually radio and now the Internet.

“Each transit has brought about new explorations into the world, especially in communication, because the transits often occur in Gemini the sign of communication.”

According to Mystic Mamma, “We are entering a new era, the Divine Feminine is rising, coming forth within each one of us to heal and bring into right balance and right relation our planetary family. We are moving into HEART-based living! Feminine qualities (venus, moon) are going to transcend into wholeness and integrate with those of the masculine (the sun).  The Feminine is rising and coming into the forefront to bring unity consciousness forth. Can’t you see it and feel it? There are signs everywhere!

For years I have been interested in space travels, cosmology and have now been drawn to astrology in its purest sense and sacred geometry. I know that we are all affected by the galaxy in which we live and that our earth participates within its galaxy in the same way we interact with life on earth. I was driven to watch the Venus Transit and really didn’t know why. What I did know was that 2012 was a #5 year (2+0+1+2=5) representing Transformation in the Stages of Evolution and that we are in the process of moving into the fourth, fifth and sixth dimensions of consciousness and more, dependent upon which point we view life.

Transformation takes matter (the first four elements of earth, water, fire and air) and transforms these denser materials into finer elements. The 5th chakra energy is air blending with ether for creating sound to manifest the unseen. We are all being asked to transform many paradigms of the old into (k)new ones. Technology is leading our way and as technology refines, we are asked to become more conscious in our use of it and find ways for it to serve us rather than humanity serving technology. We’ve all seen where that can lead.

The Venus Transit transmitted (reminded us of our) feminine attributes of inner awareness, conscious compassion, love, and our relationship with Self.  We have the choice to transform our lives so that time serves our needs rather than voicing words such as “I don’t have time”. We will never “have” time. Time cannot be contained or controlled. We can learn more about what is within our container (our body) by consciously participating with our inner being, the feminine and maternal aspects, and remember how to transition from that inner being to create the world often “secretly” desired. Mother Earth cares for life in this way. It is time for all beings, masculine and feminine, to tune in (aka wake up), remember, and become aware that the inner voice is the connection with the Mother (our nature) and that we created in form to serve the highest and best good and to dip from the well of wisdom, love and nurturance.

The communication/information age in which we live has been moving through its inner cycle and has now transited, like Venus. 2013 has been an interesting and enlightening year. It has been a bumpy ride (to say the least) as inner “secrets” were revealed leading people to go inward to ask themselves what they think and feel. It has been a year to unify and strengthen oneself by bringing fragmented parts together to clarify and purify.

After the Venus Transit of June 5, 2012, communications took another leap forward. Separations that had been taking place over time magnified. Outer authorities have shown how important it is to trust ourselves; how to become one with our inner guidance; and that individuals have the right and opportunity to step in, step up and create for themselves.

In 2013 some opposing people and groups came together and some separated in order to see more clearly from a distance. From that distance, they could now see lines of connection and agreement. The negative and positive aspects of many situations were more clear, and the wish/desire/need for clarification and unification were now easier to see. Ways to begin the process of Unification are pronounced as all parts of Self become known.To know one’s own heart, the essence, makes it possible to contribute to the whole with less chaos and more clarity. In the same way that an instrument is individually tuned, each person/group has the opportunity to tune in and play a finer role in creation.

Robbyne LaPlant of White Wolfe Journeys described 2013 as the Year of the Venus Star. She stated: “Life is about connection and appreciating nature’s beauty as we each express in our own unique way the Venusian qualities of love, harmony, beauty, balance, creativity and peace. This is the Year of the Venus Star where the sense of family and community, one world, one light is expressed in every aspect of our life. The male compliment of the Venus star and the Goddess expression of love is Father sun.  The sun is the center of our universe, empowering and supporting those who walk with the balance of their head and heart, stepping forward with courage to now lead those awakening.  Those committed to walking a path of beauty as an expression of the Goddess.”

The Venus Star, represented by the five pointed star, is a clear representation of the human body, as drawn by Leonardo daVinci.

The year 2013 was a #6 year representing Transmutation in the Stages of Evolution. In sacred geometry, the yantra of the heart chakra (the Anahata) is the six pointed star. In this way, our hearts have been transmuted during this year to unify the physical aspect of being human into alignment with the spiritual. Qualities of the masculine (yang/sun) and feminine (yin/moon) are uniting, as one, in the same way that our two eyes are united when we tune in to our higher awareness at the Ajna chakra (the spiritual eye).

Magnification of the polarities in 2012 lead to our opportunity to separate from what everyone else thought in support of Self. Unification of the Heart with the Head became possible as we refined in 2013 all that we had collected.

  Union of the Heart has occurred and when complete, the Seventh Stage of Evolution is possible – Transcendence.

This year ahead – 2014 – is that Transcendental Year. It is a year to appreciate all that has been and is. It is a year to Be your Self.

Happy (k)New Transcendental Year!

                                                     ~ Brenda Astara Gustin

 “The stars in their courses may guide us,

but it is we ourselves who must row the boat.”      ~  Patric Walker