Love, to Expand, Nurture and Trust


Rituals identify and celebrate turning points in life.

Springtime is full of such rituals, one being Lent. People choose a significant offering to show their love for God/Source. The offering may be something loved and cherished or the letting go of a habit or behavior not serving their best interests.

Appreciation and gratitude are fast tracks to experience love.

As you enter your day, begin by noticing your home, running water, electricity and food. Basic, yes! And, a great foundation from which to begin and feel appreciation. Feelings of appreciation lead to gratitude as our(cell)ves enliven and expand into their full nature of greatness.

Being great-full tunes our reticular activation system*

to light an expanded view.

Basics noticed, yet often overlooked, transform our daily routines into rituals as we offer love into every moment of each day.

Love expands to create a conscious shift to the riches within the mundane.

The riches of a home, water, and power are internalized to nurture our body and soul. This journey to our center offers a (k)new view of life from the inside out where we nurture our soul purpose. Nurturing the soul activates the body’s innate ability to access well(th). We return to the nature of the soul to trust.

Trust in our (cell)ves nurtures the origin of being: expanded Love.

Trust, Nurture & Expand Love!


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