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To the Heart of Infinity!

What a Transcendental Year it’s been!


What were we thinking when we created this alchemical soup to live within?

It’s one thing to create a soup to sip upon and nourish our(cell)ves

yet quite another to live in it!

As we reached what most consider to be the “top” of the alchemical stages, Transcendence, it seemed we could enjoy the view and allow ourselves to Be and relish the fruits of our labor. That image often evokes feelings of strength, vitality, relief and joy. We’ve made it…reached whatever goal or destination we were focused upon and there, we would Be in joy! For many, this has been true. For others, it has been a place for (k)new awakenings; an awareness that there is So Much More! With so much more, the tools utilized to get here will not be needed to move forward. It has been a year to look at what we have, where we’ve been and to let go of many tools, techniques, and stuff that brought us to this place. Transcendence became a plateau…a place to sit and re-cognize our strengths…and weaknesses; to let go of any thing that will not serve in this next leg of our journey. Rather than doing things the same way and taking the same way as before, this pause has helped many learn there may be an other way. (???)

This next year is a year to dive deeply into the essence of Self, a place where many have not dared to dive before. The universe is supporting this journey and for many, it is requiring steps that will truly provide for living in the joy from which the uni-verse was originally created.

Much letting go has taken place in 2014 and allowed turning in(ward) to align with the you-nique Soul Song so that each instrument of the Divine will harmonize with the multitude of spheres around us all. Us is the Universal Soul of the All! Whether “it” is named the All, Source, Light, God, Higher Power and many others, the Creator is and within US All!

It is from the essence within US, the Universal Soul, that we will tap in to the 2015 year; the Infinite Source of All That Is to re-discover the kinship between the mind and essence through each body.

2015 is the year of Telekinessence. Tele is the mind and the distance it can travel in an instant. Kin is the body, the intersection connecting the mind with the essence of Soul particles held within every cell and mem-brain as aspects of the Good Orderly Design from which we are formed.  Tele-kin-essence! “The state of oneness within the Source and the presence of a knowing that offers us the wisdom that universal consciousness cannot be divided into separate parts. In telekinessence, each dimension of consciousness is seen as being connected, and we are shown that all will lead us back to the same place – the Source.” ~ Carol Ritberger, Ph.D.

The numbers of 2015 (2+0+1+5) add up to an 8, the symbol of Infinity when divided equally creates two sets of four, representing elements of matter and elements of ether. Conscious awareness of these elements enhances access to the etheral heart and its bridge with the physical heart forming the fifth element from which light and sound are brought into physical manifestation through the human being. Being human is truly a gift, for as the fifth element, each creates from the Heart of Infinity, bridging heaven and earth. It is from here where the Universal Soul creates.

The infinity symbol, infinity coming into relation...vesica piscistaps in to the heart of creation known as the Vesica Pisces (or Vesica Piscis)

Once the two spheres overlap, the joining of God and Goddess (masculine/feminine; nature/spirit) begin to create its offspring. It is from each point of view where the Heart of Infinity greets an…other to create!

“Center everywhere; circumference nowhere.”

~ Paramhansa Yogananda

Vesica PiscisAs we refine tools to aid us in our next leg on this journey of light into matter, we will tap in to points that enlighten our pathway, not the pathway of another: the individual pathway of each particle of light, each particle of God within US. It is through the Signature of each Soul where we will voice (transform) this world. It is our world, created for us and by US. This year, we have the opportunity to align with the universal forces of energy to aid us in separating the denser elements from the lighter elements, the “wheat from the shaft” and tune in to the highest elements and gems available within our(cell)ves as we prepare for the next steps in 2016 wherein we awaken a…gain to a life of inspiration rather than desperation.

2015 is a year to access with ease through Grace to the Infinite! Through the Eye Am Presence key notes arrive and open the gates from within to the Kingdom of Universal Consciousness; to the Good Orderly Design at the heart of infinity to continue this creation of blossoming and flowering in and to life!

flower of life

Happy Knew Year!


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