It all started here!

Many years ago, two children, both being raised in good families, were destined to meet! No, they weren’t royalty, being traded for love of country and power; just two children in a middle American family, born just at the tail end of what is now called the Baby Boomers era. Here they are: Brenda and Donald021

Over the y022ears, little did they know, they went to the same church, lived around the corner, worked in the same industry and eventually ended up running into each other time and again…and again.

Then, it happened! They actually spoke to each other. Brenda met Don’s parents, Larry and Joan, whom she enjoyed thoroughly, even so much that in later years, they became neighbors, living right down the street! (Ooops…I’m jumping ahead.) 🙂

013Don liked Brenda’s parents, Allen and Nathalene, pretty well too (even though the first time meeting they showed family movies for six hours). …wow! Thank goodness Don really liked Brenda. 🙂


What the two families had in common was a love for family; evidenced by the six hours of family movies! Brenda’s parents figured if he could last through that, he’d fit in just fine. 🙂

Fast forward a few years: Don and Brenda married at the very same church their families had attended when they were children. (Central United Methodist Church on H Street in Sacramento, CA)


Fortunate are we! My Grandfather (Allen’s Dad) who had ministered since he was 12 years old, married us! And, my Grandmother (Rowena June Lewis) played the organ.


Blessed by family, our Grandparents. Reverend Allen and June, our organist (Allen’s parents); Elsie Fickes (Joan’s Mom in the purple); Nathan and Inez Williams (Nathalene’s parents) on the right. John and Laura Gustin from Conconully, Washington (Larry’s parents)  were not able to attend.



Jeff Surry and John Payne played guitar and sang “Time in a Bottle” and “Lady”.


Both my brother (Clifford James Lewis) and Don’s sister (Cheri McElwee-Kitz) were in our wedding party along with friends, Margo Zender, Mitch Hawkes, Mary Lou (Birch) Wright, Charles Wright, Jacelyn Jones, Richard Hood and Jennifer Hood as our flower girl.



Our wonderful parents who unknowingly started this all!

On February 28, 1981 (35 years ago today), we enjoyed the company of family and friends (about 350 of them) – in a celebration of our love!

Blessed through our Union with the Heart of God has provided us happiness, prosperity and wealth in family and friends!

Thank you all for your role in this journey that keeps on giving.

Here are a few more pictures of that celebration!


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