November’s Meditation Dedicated to the Goddess Wadjet

This is a great time to review your year. Oftentimes people fear snakes. Snakes symbolize transformation for as its grows, it sheds its out layer. Snakes glide upon the earth staying in connection with her rhythm and heartbeat. They wind up into the trees staying connected with their wisdom, new growth and the ease of letting go year after year. The wind blows into the trees to assist their transformation while the snake nurtures the wisdom.

I invite you to see the beauty and wonder in the world of nature with (k)new eyes and allow your own transformation to occur.

I offer this meditation from Robbyne to assist you in diving deeper into your earthly body for transformation and rebirth.

Meditation to Goddess Wadjet

Click here to access the meditation: November’s Meditation Dedicated to the Goddess Wadjet

Then, return here: BraveHeart Women Global Community where we are offering the very best of ourselves to Be, Create and Collaborate together through Peace and in Harmony!


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