Wandering in the Wonder…of Satisfaction

15542096_1606410282706312_3143934975475873389_n (2)Ellie recommended I spend the next forty days allowing the feeling of satisfaction to be my guide moment-to-moment.

She added some spice to this venture… after I shared that I’ve done this for many years and even been ridiculed for living so present ~ without a five or ten-year plan.  Many of my dreams do come true as I act and implement regularly. In fact, that’s how I met Ellie.

Ellie said… let go of the mindset reminding me of the past (dissatisfaction). While I know it’s good to let go of the past, stumbling occurs when I look around to see if anyone is with me. This can feed dissatisfaction within and reminds me of times when discovery has been difficult, hard and lonely. That ever-present mindset steps in (her name is Joybug) to eat away my joy and satisfaction.

Something clicked this time! I feel a difference. I’ve entered a resonant field, a different channel in life where I can see Joybug eating yet I’m stronger. New imprints and neuro-pathways of habit have formed. Ellie reminded me to just stop, feel and listen. Be present with what is, let go of that past, and move in the direction that feels good with satisfaction in every step. In deep listening, my cell(v)es heard Ellie say, “Keep focused on moving forward IN satisfaction.”

Ellie recently created a video about satisfaction. It reminded me of a time when I had thought back to elementary school when schoolwork was graded conducive to the way I feel feeds liveliness and wellness. We would receive an E for Excellent, G for Good, S for Satisfactory and U for Unsatisfactory. As I pondered these grades and felt into them, I felt good about each one. Even the U allowed room for improvement into levels of satisfaction and beyond.

I wandered further into my body cellves about the word satisfactory. How does that feel to me? I found pleasure in being able to savor. I wondered, what’s wrong with being satisfied? Does that bring forth a good feeling; a feeling that is relaxed and at ease? Yes. And that feels good! Good is a wonderful place to Be. Feeling good can even morph into feeling great…and then, Excellent!

As an adult, I am inspired to achieve excellence. I wonder about SO many things. For me to achieve excellence has depleted and diminished aspects within me. Choosing to explore and feel good allows for the multiplicity within my cellves to learn and grow in a wholistic way. By wandering in the wonder of what feels good again, again and again, my journey is fruit-full. It’s like choosing the ripened fruits from the vine. When my interest wanes, I’ve gathered enough fruit to savor while allowing myself to rest and enjoy the satisfaction in being fed.

Being well fed and nurtured, I again move forward and often deeper into the interests that inspire me toward excellence. I enjoy following the rhythm and dynamics of what’s offering itself into my life rather than looking or even hunting for satisfaction. Being nurtured, my body operates in ease, able to observe and recall the enjoyment of discovering the lush and beautiful trails rather than heavily traveled paths.

Like the photo in this blog, feel into the cloud, bring it into your heart and rise into the apex! I’ll write back after the forty days; after I wander in the wonder of satisfaction.

In the meantime, you might like to meet Ellie. She is my Mentor whom I met in 2013. Invited to become a Female Visionary Author for the organization she founded, BraveHeart Women, I joined her and 1,199 women from around the world to Rise, the annual BraveHeart Women Conference. (Rise) I am joyously thankful to have Ellie in my life. In 2015 I entered Ellie’s 2020 Vision Mentoring Program where she mentors women to see more clearly through the eyes of their present mind/body/energy for enhanced clarity and vision. Please visit her at www.elliedrake.com I’ve posted her video about satisfaction here:  Satisfaction

Have a wonder-filled day!


2 thoughts on “Wandering in the Wonder…of Satisfaction

  1. This is delightful. Most satisfactory! 😁💕. I look forward to hearing about the other side of your 40-day journey.

    Love, Debbie

    Deborah Baker, Dialogue Practitioner djbaker58@gmail.com (916) 996-9890

    “Peace does not mean an absence of conflicts; differences will always be there. Peace means solving these differences through peaceful means; through dialogue, education, knowledge; and through humane ways.” ~the 14th Dalai Lama


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