Livin’ from the Inside Out… with Compassion


It’s time for me to live from the inside out! It’s okay to step in and out when it feels time; when it feels good for me. Decades of observation, often wondering why I don’t quite fit in or “click” within the rhythm of the world, I have come to realize that, much like the hopping on or off the merry go round at the park, it is our inner compass that signals: it’s time.

Once onboard, feeling inside, I remember trusting when to stay safely harnessed in the middle or gleefully holding on with one hand and swinging outward.

There’s an inner rhythm each have. I call it compassion. Compassion plays a key role in knowing mySelf. From the inside, I feel my own heartbeat and dive deeper into the rhythms and beats taking place within and outside of myself. As I do so, I am now learning to trust the harmony coming from each heartbeat. When we listen, harmony naturally occurs. Dis-harmony shifts the beat to create a new rhythm; not bad, not good, just different. (Now, a different person is at the inside of the circle and another hanging off the side.)

One root word of Compass – ion is Compass.

Within our bodies we house a magnificent inner compass. The higher Self is the East, where the sun rises each day, the West is the setting of the sun, signifying the passing of each day. Upward, in the North we align with the cosmos above and downward…the South where we bring our vibration in… to magnify purpose in resonance with the vibration and rhythms of each step: our dance with Life.

Aindexnother root word of com – passion is Passion.

Once we locate our central compass, easily we flow with passion from our prEssence: expression from the central axis (access), wholly (holy) and completely aligned with Source (God)…the Good Orderly Design within us!

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Wandering in the Wonder…of Satisfaction

15542096_1606410282706312_3143934975475873389_n (2)Ellie recommended I spend the next forty days allowing the feeling of satisfaction to be my guide moment-to-moment.

She added some spice to this venture… after I shared that I’ve done this for many years and even been ridiculed for living so present ~ without a five or ten-year plan.  Many of my dreams do come true as I act and implement regularly. In fact, that’s how I met Ellie.

Ellie said… let go of the mindset reminding me of the past (dissatisfaction). While I know it’s good to let go of the past, stumbling occurs when I look around to see if anyone is with me. This can feed dissatisfaction within and reminds me of times when discovery has been difficult, hard and lonely. That ever-present mindset steps in (her name is Joybug) to eat away my joy and satisfaction.

Something clicked this time! I feel a difference. I’ve entered a resonant field, a different channel in life where I can see Joybug eating yet I’m stronger. New imprints and neuro-pathways of habit have formed. Ellie reminded me to just stop, feel and listen. Be present with what is, let go of that past, and move in the direction that feels good with satisfaction in every step. In deep listening, my cell(v)es heard Ellie say, “Keep focused on moving forward IN satisfaction.”

Ellie recently created a video about satisfaction. It reminded me of a time when I had thought back to elementary school when schoolwork was graded conducive to the way I feel feeds liveliness and wellness. We would receive an E for Excellent, G for Good, S for Satisfactory and U for Unsatisfactory. As I pondered these grades and felt into them, I felt good about each one. Even the U allowed room for improvement into levels of satisfaction and beyond.

I wandered further into my body cellves about the word satisfactory. How does that feel to me? I found pleasure in being able to savor. I wondered, what’s wrong with being satisfied? Does that bring forth a good feeling; a feeling that is relaxed and at ease? Yes. And that feels good! Good is a wonderful place to Be. Feeling good can even morph into feeling great…and then, Excellent!

As an adult, I am inspired to achieve excellence. I wonder about SO many things. For me to achieve excellence has depleted and diminished aspects within me. Choosing to explore and feel good allows for the multiplicity within my cellves to learn and grow in a wholistic way. By wandering in the wonder of what feels good again, again and again, my journey is fruit-full. It’s like choosing the ripened fruits from the vine. When my interest wanes, I’ve gathered enough fruit to savor while allowing myself to rest and enjoy the satisfaction in being fed.

Being well fed and nurtured, I again move forward and often deeper into the interests that inspire me toward excellence. I enjoy following the rhythm and dynamics of what’s offering itself into my life rather than looking or even hunting for satisfaction. Being nurtured, my body operates in ease, able to observe and recall the enjoyment of discovering the lush and beautiful trails rather than heavily traveled paths.

Like the photo in this blog, feel into the cloud, bring it into your heart and rise into the apex! I’ll write back after the forty days; after I wander in the wonder of satisfaction.

In the meantime, you might like to meet Ellie. She is my Mentor whom I met in 2013. Invited to become a Female Visionary Author for the organization she founded, BraveHeart Women, I joined her and 1,199 women from around the world to Rise, the annual BraveHeart Women Conference. (Rise) I am joyously thankful to have Ellie in my life. In 2015 I entered Ellie’s 2020 Vision Mentoring Program where she mentors women to see more clearly through the eyes of their present mind/body/energy for enhanced clarity and vision. Please visit her at I’ve posted her video about satisfaction here:  Satisfaction

Have a wonder-filled day!

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Transition: What is the “Sacred Third”?

Today, I spent my morning of rest with a gift from my inbox where I ask to receive words of wisdom, inspiration and invitations to experience life’s offerings. Christine Arylo reentered my life and brought forth her insights about what she calls “The Sacred Third”. On November 14, 2016 there was a Super Moon. Christine held a special Feminine Super Power circle to activate Feminine Wisdom and Power, and you can view it from here or the link below. In this video circle she describes the polarity consciousness within which most people live and how this duality is set up: basically, a win-lose system. Our planet typically operates in this way with positive and negative energy working together. The space within, around and between is where possibility resides. This is where we are able to transcend the obvious to rise above and move beyond what is right before our eyes. Christine provides her insight into “sovereignty”, “sisterhood” and “the sacred third”.

Oftentimes, when we’re looking closely, we’re unable to view the broader perspective. We watched a movie yesterday about Bethany Hamilton. In “Soul Surfer” her life changing story is told about how a shark attack expanded her perspective. She is quite a shero! In the film a teacher of hers talks about how the close-up pattern of a bug’s eye shown out of context provides little, if any, information about the whole story.

There is so much chaos in the world. For me, I am doing my very best to stay in tune with my role and where I belong. So many people and groups tell their version and perspective of the story and truth. How do we see our way through the minutiae? For me, my truth is to stay in tune with love and peace as much as possible. Only from there will I be healthy and of service to our planet and its people.

Transition is the stage in alchemy where we have the opportunity to choose our role. Transition follows any chaotic movement and is center stage where chaos can either reign or fall. I see chaos as the catalyst to clear a way for density to fall apart. Clarity helps us restore our vision with light, love, peace and joy that prevails for it is within all substance. I thank the drummers who disturb the soil for without them, we cannot clearly see these pathways to (k)now and for their truth to be revealed.

Christine also shared the Hopi Elders’ message from another transitional time. I pray that we will choose from our hearts the rhythm of love as we dig up debris from the past and turn it into compost or lay it fallow for a time. Be well; Be love; and Choose gentle lessons! It is possible to lay down arms of war and open arms of love.


You have been telling the people that this is the Eleventh Hour, now you must go back and tell the people that this is the Hour.

And there are things to be considered…

Where are you living?
What are you doing?
What are your relationships?
Are you in right relation?
Where is your water?

Know your garden.
It is time to speak your Truth.
Create your community.
Be good to each other.
And do not look outside yourself for the leader.

This could be a good time!

There is a river flowing now very fast.
It is so great and swift that there are those who will be afraid.
They will try to hold on to the shore.
They will feel they are being torn apart and will suffer greatly.
Know the river has its destination.

The elders say we must let go of the shore,
push off into the middle of the river,
keep our eyes open,
and our heads above the water.

See who is in there with you and celebrate.
At this time in history, we are to take nothing personally.
Least of all, ourselves.
For the moment that we do,
our spiritual growth and journey comes to a halt.

The time of the lone wolf is over.
Gather yourselves!
Banish the word struggle
from your attitude and your vocabulary.

All that we do now must be done
in a sacred manner and in celebration.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

Hopi Nation, Oraibi, Arizona , 2002 (shortly after 9/11)|
Image from Sanctuary of the Open Heart

Super Full Moon Circle by Christine Arylo

November’s Meditation Dedicated to the Goddess Wadjet

This is a great time to review your year. Oftentimes people fear snakes. Snakes symbolize transformation for as its grows, it sheds its out layer. Snakes glide upon the earth staying in connection with her rhythm and heartbeat. They wind up into the trees staying connected with their wisdom, new growth and the ease of letting go year after year. The wind blows into the trees to assist their transformation while the snake nurtures the wisdom.

I invite you to see the beauty and wonder in the world of nature with (k)new eyes and allow your own transformation to occur.

I offer this meditation from Robbyne to assist you in diving deeper into your earthly body for transformation and rebirth.

Meditation to Goddess Wadjet

Click here to access the meditation: November’s Meditation Dedicated to the Goddess Wadjet

Then, return here: BraveHeart Women Global Community where we are offering the very best of ourselves to Be, Create and Collaborate together through Peace and in Harmony!

July Full Moon Meditation

Wandering in the Wonder

It is with great pleasure that I once again introduce Robbyne LaPlant!

Robbyne is a fabulous woman who has followed her internal guidance for many years, if not her entire life. I have enjoyed being with her as have many who travel the globe with her. I invite you to take a few minutes to enjoy her Full Moon meditation.

On this July full moon, it is a great time to reflect upon where you are today and how this year has been. Mars is now direct, helping us steer clearly. Rather than drive our goals forward, I offer an idea: Take hold of the steering wheel and enjoy the scenery as you travel.  Markers will appear and aspects of each day will open for a wider perspective. Allow yourSelf to Wander in the Wonder and follow your heart’s desire. “All who wander are not lost.” ~ J.R.R. Tolkien

Follow your dreams, and you will experience the Wonder of this World!

During this meditation, enjoy your guides, the ravens, Robbyne and the Goddess Morgana into yourSelf to see into the path you would like to travel the rest of this year. In joy, we are!

Source: July Full Moon Meditation

It all started here!

Many years ago, two children, both being raised in good families, were destined to meet! No, they weren’t royalty, being traded for love of country and power; just two children in a middle American family, born just at the tail end of what is now called the Baby Boomers era. Here they are: Brenda and Donald021

Over the y022ears, little did they know, they went to the same church, lived around the corner, worked in the same industry and eventually ended up running into each other time and again…and again.

Then, it happened! They actually spoke to each other. Brenda met Don’s parents, Larry and Joan, whom she enjoyed thoroughly, even so much that in later years, they became neighbors, living right down the street! (Ooops…I’m jumping ahead.) 🙂

013Don liked Brenda’s parents, Allen and Nathalene, pretty well too (even though the first time meeting they showed family movies for six hours). …wow! Thank goodness Don really liked Brenda. 🙂


What the two families had in common was a love for family; evidenced by the six hours of family movies! Brenda’s parents figured if he could last through that, he’d fit in just fine. 🙂

Fast forward a few years: Don and Brenda married at the very same church their families had attended when they were children. (Central United Methodist Church on H Street in Sacramento, CA)


Fortunate are we! My Grandfather (Allen’s Dad) who had ministered since he was 12 years old, married us! And, my Grandmother (Rowena June Lewis) played the organ.


Blessed by family, our Grandparents. Reverend Allen and June, our organist (Allen’s parents); Elsie Fickes (Joan’s Mom in the purple); Nathan and Inez Williams (Nathalene’s parents) on the right. John and Laura Gustin from Conconully, Washington (Larry’s parents)  were not able to attend.



Jeff Surry and John Payne played guitar and sang “Time in a Bottle” and “Lady”.


Both my brother (Clifford James Lewis) and Don’s sister (Cheri McElwee-Kitz) were in our wedding party along with friends, Margo Zender, Mitch Hawkes, Mary Lou (Birch) Wright, Charles Wright, Jacelyn Jones, Richard Hood and Jennifer Hood as our flower girl.



Our wonderful parents who unknowingly started this all!

On February 28, 1981 (35 years ago today), we enjoyed the company of family and friends (about 350 of them) – in a celebration of our love!

Blessed through our Union with the Heart of God has provided us happiness, prosperity and wealth in family and friends!

Thank you all for your role in this journey that keeps on giving.

Here are a few more pictures of that celebration!

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To the Heart of Infinity!

What a Transcendental Year it’s been!


What were we thinking when we created this alchemical soup to live within?

It’s one thing to create a soup to sip upon and nourish our(cell)ves

yet quite another to live in it!

As we reached what most consider to be the “top” of the alchemical stages, Transcendence, it seemed we could enjoy the view and allow ourselves to Be and relish the fruits of our labor. That image often evokes feelings of strength, vitality, relief and joy. We’ve made it…reached whatever goal or destination we were focused upon and there, we would Be in joy! For many, this has been true. For others, it has been a place for (k)new awakenings; an awareness that there is So Much More! With so much more, the tools utilized to get here will not be needed to move forward. It has been a year to look at what we have, where we’ve been and to let go of many tools, techniques, and stuff that brought us to this place. Transcendence became a plateau…a place to sit and re-cognize our strengths…and weaknesses; to let go of any thing that will not serve in this next leg of our journey. Rather than doing things the same way and taking the same way as before, this pause has helped many learn there may be an other way. (???)

This next year is a year to dive deeply into the essence of Self, a place where many have not dared to dive before. The universe is supporting this journey and for many, it is requiring steps that will truly provide for living in the joy from which the uni-verse was originally created.

Much letting go has taken place in 2014 and allowed turning in(ward) to align with the you-nique Soul Song so that each instrument of the Divine will harmonize with the multitude of spheres around us all. Us is the Universal Soul of the All! Whether “it” is named the All, Source, Light, God, Higher Power and many others, the Creator is and within US All!

It is from the essence within US, the Universal Soul, that we will tap in to the 2015 year; the Infinite Source of All That Is to re-discover the kinship between the mind and essence through each body.

2015 is the year of Telekinessence. Tele is the mind and the distance it can travel in an instant. Kin is the body, the intersection connecting the mind with the essence of Soul particles held within every cell and mem-brain as aspects of the Good Orderly Design from which we are formed.  Tele-kin-essence! “The state of oneness within the Source and the presence of a knowing that offers us the wisdom that universal consciousness cannot be divided into separate parts. In telekinessence, each dimension of consciousness is seen as being connected, and we are shown that all will lead us back to the same place – the Source.” ~ Carol Ritberger, Ph.D.

The numbers of 2015 (2+0+1+5) add up to an 8, the symbol of Infinity when divided equally creates two sets of four, representing elements of matter and elements of ether. Conscious awareness of these elements enhances access to the etheral heart and its bridge with the physical heart forming the fifth element from which light and sound are brought into physical manifestation through the human being. Being human is truly a gift, for as the fifth element, each creates from the Heart of Infinity, bridging heaven and earth. It is from here where the Universal Soul creates.

The infinity symbol, infinity coming into relation...vesica piscistaps in to the heart of creation known as the Vesica Pisces (or Vesica Piscis)

Once the two spheres overlap, the joining of God and Goddess (masculine/feminine; nature/spirit) begin to create its offspring. It is from each point of view where the Heart of Infinity greets an…other to create!

“Center everywhere; circumference nowhere.”

~ Paramhansa Yogananda

Vesica PiscisAs we refine tools to aid us in our next leg on this journey of light into matter, we will tap in to points that enlighten our pathway, not the pathway of another: the individual pathway of each particle of light, each particle of God within US. It is through the Signature of each Soul where we will voice (transform) this world. It is our world, created for us and by US. This year, we have the opportunity to align with the universal forces of energy to aid us in separating the denser elements from the lighter elements, the “wheat from the shaft” and tune in to the highest elements and gems available within our(cell)ves as we prepare for the next steps in 2016 wherein we awaken a…gain to a life of inspiration rather than desperation.

2015 is a year to access with ease through Grace to the Infinite! Through the Eye Am Presence key notes arrive and open the gates from within to the Kingdom of Universal Consciousness; to the Good Orderly Design at the heart of infinity to continue this creation of blossoming and flowering in and to life!

flower of life

Happy Knew Year!


More about the Vesica Pisces, visit:

Sacred Geometry 101B: The Vesica Piscis

For information about The Ethereal Chakras, Visit:

and visit me at: Union with the Heart

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